FermCare is exclusive partner for Dr.FERM concepts and products throughout Europe. The partnership with Dr.FERM goes back more than 25 years, with the last 15 years specifically focused on fermentation. This long-term relationship is based on mutual respect, proven craftsmanship and a shared passion for fermentation and innovation.

PhD research Ronald

Ronald Scholten, Ph.D., aka Dr.FERM, conducted a pioneering PhD research on "Fermentation of liquid feed for piglets" between 1997 and 2001. This research, in collaboration with Praktijkonderzoek Varkenshouderij and Wageningen University, showed that fermented raw materials led to improved intestinal health and feed conversion in weaned piglets. This sparked the interest of the Van Asten Group, which only increased in the following years.

Van Asten Group

In 2008, the Van Asten Group started large-scale fermentation of raw materials in eastern Germany. Although "all beginnings are difficult", work on a reliable fermentation process was done with determination. In 2010, the joint R&D project between Van Asten Group, WEDA Holland, Nutreco-Hendrix Voeders (later acquired by ForFarmers) and Dr.FERM began. This resulted in such a well-working fermentation concept that the Van Asten Group has equipped almost all their locations with a fermentation unit in recent years. Other companies also saw that the fermentation concept works, provides great benefits and also invested. 


FermCare and Dr.FERM work closely together to meet the growing demand for practical concepts for applying fermentation technology in animal protein production. Our focus is on providing innovative solutions that deliver a clear (financial) benefit to our customers: "for the farmer by the farmer". FermCare - Passion for Fermentation !