DF MaxPro

DF MaxPro is a starter culture specially developed for the best possible fermentation results and to successfully ferment high-protein mixtures. Because we activate the dry starter culture on the farm, it ensures a fast start of fermentation and the unique colour change ensures business-safe use. In addition, this starter culture has an extra bacterial strain and a high number of lactic acid bacteria. Everything in DF MaxPro is aimed at getting a turbo start of fermentation. In protein-rich mixtures, this is crucial because the buffer capacity is high and thus a lot of lactic acid must be produced to sufficiently lower the pH (requirement: pH lower than 4.3). 

Ease of use

We came up with a trick to make the colour change, so everyone can see when the starter culture is ready. You fill the Jerry can with bacteria and nutrients with water. When the product is mixed with water, the colour turns dark blue. The lactic acid bacteria start to grow and make a little lactic acid, making the product more acidic. This makes the colour maize yellow: the starter culture is ready.