Research and Development

At FermCare, innovation is paramount. One of the secrets behind our success lies in our starter cultures for fermentation. There we work closely with a renowned and innovative manufacturer. Our starter cultures are unique because they are 1) easily activated by the customer himself and 2) equipped with brilliant colour-changing technology. The customer sees with his own eyes when the starter culture is "ready for use". Our concept thus offers maximum certainty of a successful fermentation. FermCare is THE specialist and frontrunner with on-farm fermentation. 

For the farmer, by the farmer

Our motto is "for the farmer, by the farmer". At FermCare, we believe in the importance of practical experience and direct feedback from our customers. Innovations must provide real solutions for our customers. To ensure that we deliver on our promise, we first test all concepts and products at our own R&D sites in the Netherlands and Germany. Here, we can carry out tests in both liquid feed and dry feed, and all animal groups in pig farming.

Calf and dairy farming

For calf and dairy farming, we work closely with renowned practical and research companies, both nationally and internationally. This enables us to validate and optimise our innovations in real farm situations, so that we can guarantee our customers the best possible results.