What is Large Fermentation?

On pig farms providing liquid feed (liquid feed), we work with "large-fermentation". This is nothing but large-scale liquid fermentation: fermenters with a capacity of 1 to 30 tonnes, temperature of 36 to 38° Celsius, dry matter up to 30%. We always ferment according to the "batch" principle: clean fermenter, empty it, fill it with new batch of raw materials to be fermented with FermCare's startercultur, ferment for 24 hours and then feed this batch. By working with at least 2 fermenters, there is always a fermented batch ready for feeding and the other fermenter can go through the 24-hour fermentation period. Large fermentation has a dual purpose: 1) fermenting raw materials to support the gastrointestinal tract, and 2) fermenting raw materials to improve nutritional value and flavour. Fermented raw materials make up about 5% to 40% of the pig ration. 

FermCare: THE farmyard specialist

FermCare works with the best starter culture technology, and has 20 years of practical and scientific knowledge on fermentation and pigs. This gives our customers the best guarantee that their investment will result in positive effects on health, feed efficiency and feed costs. An important aspect is that our years of experience and independent position allow us to consult with any feed supplier on how to optimise rations. Because the fermentation process an sich is important, but adjusting the complementary feed and the rest of the ration is at least as important.