DF NutriCare

NutriCare is a fermentation product that enables any pig farm to apply the digestive benefits of microbial fermentation in an easy applicabel way.

Healthy and efficient

Growing pigs as healthily and efficiently as possible is what every pig farmer wants. And that is quite a challenge. High raw material prices make it necessary to look for cheaper raw materials. Or to a solution that limits the use of expensive raw materials. For good feed intake and feed conversion, good intestinal health is crucial. Moreover, the pig feels better when gut health is in order. To meet these challenges, we at FermCare work with a 100% natural technology: microbial fermentation. And we have made it easier for you by producing a ready-to-use product: NutriCare.

Solid-state fermentatie

NutriCare is created via solid-state fermentation. Through a sophisticated combination of various fungal strains, which grow under controlled environmental conditions on a mixture of plantbased (protein-rich) raw materials, a unique fermentation product rich in bioactive components is created. After aplication of organic acid and a drying step, the product NutriCare is a reality.

NutriCare is a dry, highly concentrated fermentation additive that improves the availability of nutrients from raw materials. By adding 1 kilogram of NutriCare per 1,000 kg of final feed, your fattening pigs receive a high concentration of fermentation products, including positive bioactive components. These support the availability and solubilisation of nutrients from raw materials, as well as the functioning of the intestines. Various tests have shown that by using NutriCare in finishing pig rations, soybean meal consumption can be reduced in diets by up to 2 percent! And this without adverse effects on growth, feed conversion or meat percentage. This reduces feed costs. There are also tests with NutriCare where it is added to rations as a "top dressing". In that case, both growth and feed conversion improve; in this way, an improvement in technical results is achieved. It is up to you as a pig farmer which choice is preferable.