DF FeedCare

FeedCare is a concept that enables every pig farm to apply the (health) benefits of fermentation in an approachable way. FeedCare has been developed for dosing into liquid feed or spraying onto dry feed.

Unique Concept

We have a unique concept that makes it very easy for any pig farmer to make a concentrated ferment. The starter culture and nutrients are delivered dry. You or your employee fill the can with lukewarm water and put it in a warm room. When the product is just made, the colour is dark blue. When the fermentation is successfully completed, the product turns  yellowish. The "Yellow Ferment" is now ready for use.

Yellow Ferment

FeedCare is a concentrated yellow ferment with a mega number of lactic acid bacteria, lactic acid and a low pH. FeedCare-ferment can be added to liquid feed or dry feed. In liquid feed, it can be dosed directly into the mash from a storage tank. In dry feed, it can be sprayed from a storage tank with a dosing pump directly onto the dry feed chain or in mixer. Proven techniques that have worked in pig and poultry houses for many years. 

By adding the "Yellow Ferment" to the dry or liquid feed, we support feed hygiene but also make a positive contribution to the microbiota in the pig's digestive tract. We have very good experiences when using FeedCare in rations of sows, piglets and grower-finishers.

Recommended Dosage

Animal Category Liquid feed (ml FeedCare/ton) Dry feed (ml FeedCare/ton)
Sows (gestation + lactation) 50 250
Weaned Piglets day 1-10 500 2.500
Weaned Piglets from day 10 100 500
Grower Pigs day 1-28 100 500