DF PigCare

PigCare is a concept that enables any farm with sows and piglets to apply the (health) benefits of fermentation in an approachable way.

Smooth start

Raising piglets as efficiently as possible is quite a challenge. The number of piglets born is high, reducing the average weight of a piglet. The limited amount of colostrum has to be shared with many siblings. This puts immediate pressure on a smooth start of the piglet. It is therefore crucial to provide preventive support to the newborn piglet and reduce the "risk of accidents". Our philosophy is to support the piglet even before and immediately after birth! Waiting until the period around weaning is unnecessarily risky and pricey.

Own ferment

We have developed a 100% natural concept based on lactic acid fermentation: PigCare. A key requirement for this was that it should be very easy for any pig farmer to make a ferment cleanly and simply. And to make it even easier, we came up with a trick to make the colour change so that people can see when the fermentation proces is ready. When created, the colour is dark blue. The lactic acid bacteria start growing and make a little lactic acid, making the product more acidic. This causes the colour to turn maize yellow: the ferment is ready to use,


PigCare is a concentrated ferment with a very high number of positive lactic acid bacteria, lactic acid and a pH lower than 4.5. By adding the ferment to milk, electrolyte mix or water bowl, we support the digestive tract of the piglet.

PigCare also forms the basis of the liquid ferment given to the sow around birth. This is made in a mini-fermenter. From farrowing to a few days after farrowing, each sow receives liquid ferment. This gives her extra energy and protein, but also has a beneficial effect on digestion and a good bowel movement. Experience shows that the sow eats better, is fitter and starts milk production more smoothly after giving birth. In short: PigCare a crucial part of a smooth start and efficient production of piglets.